Expanded Metal Production Processing

Expanded Metal is produced from solid sheets or plates of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum and a variety of alloys of copper, nickel, silver, titanium and other metals. Because expanded metal is made from a solid sheet of metal, and it is not woven or welded - it can never unravel. Expanded metal production processing includes some types: decoiler and cutting metal sheet, expanding processing, flattening the expanded metal sheet, cutting expanded metal as need, rolling the expanded metal. The process can be changed according to the requirement.

First step: decoiling and cutting

The material is the metal sheet in coils. Sheets or coils of metal are fed into the expanding machine. A little metal can create a lot of mesh, adding value and saving resources and money.

decoiling and cutting

Second step: expanding.

The expanded metal machine is fitted with the unique knife, dedicated to a particular pattern. New patterns and knives can be creating in house for specific applications.

① The sheet advances between the knife one strand width beyond the lower knife.

② The upper knife presses down and forms one half of the diamond design.

③ The upper knife then rises up and

④ transverses one half diamond to the side as

⑤ the material advances another strand width.

⑥ The upper knife presses down again to form another row of half diamonds to complete the hole shape.

⑦ The upper knife rises up again.

⑧ transversing back in the opposite direction to its original starting position. The cycle continues until the sheet is completely transformed into expanded metal mesh.

Third step: flattening

After the expanding sheet, the edge need to be flattened by the machine. Thus it can be used easily without hurt.


Fourth step: cutting

According to the application or need, cut the expanded metal sheet into the right size. In general, the expanded metal width is and the length is with the international standard.

Fifth step: recoiling

Expanded metal can be packed in panels or coils. If the package is in coil, the machine can coil the expanded metal with the same length.


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