Architectural Expanded Metal Suitable for Decoration and Ventilation

Architectural expanded metal, likes regular expanded metal, is a self-contained piece of metal which has been die cut and stretched into a diamond pattern with architectural flare that won't unravel, thus retaining its shape after years of constant use. The usage of expanded metal is everywhere, sometimes it can be used in architecture as ribbon mesh. Ribbon Mesh is an architectural expanded metal with solid bands of ribbon contoured shapes built into a metal sheet. Architectural expanded metal gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance, ensures security and adjusts to light, heat and visibility.

Specification of architectural expanded metal:

  • Materials: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel or an ductile material
  • Hole shapes: diamond, square, round, hexagonal, etc.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, anodized painted or powder coated.
  • Colors: white, red, blue, purple, orange, green, black, or other RAL colors.
  • Thickness: ≤ 5 mm.
  • Stem width: 0.5 mm– 50 mm.
  • Package: pallet or wooden case with waterproof materials.
Architectural expanded metal sheets with galvanized surface and diamond holes is used as building facade.
AEM-01: Architectural expanded metal sheets used as building for decoration.
Architectural expanded metal with diamond holes is used as museum facade.
AEM-02: Architectural expanded metal used as museum facade for decoration and protection.

Features of architectural expanded metal:

  • light weight but high strength and rigidity.
  • free passage of air, light, heat, sound.
  • Adaptable to finishing processes.
  • Aesthetically appealing. Suitable for decorative and functional purposes.


Architectural expanded metals have a wide range of uses whether outdoors or indoors. It is commonly used in:

Architectural expanded metal with red surface and diamond holes is used as facade of large building.
AEM-03: Architectural expanded metal with diversity of colors and hole shapes used as facades for decoration.
Architectural expanded metal with diamond holes and larger openings as window of metal wall.
AEM-04: Architectural expanded metal with larger openings used as windows for good ventilation.

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