Expanded Metal Lath for Machinery, Partition, Cable Shelves, Car, Banister

Expanded metal lath is made of pre-galvanized with hexagonal holes.
EML-01: The expanded metal lath can be used to prevent cracks of buildings caused by seasonal changes in humidity.

Expanded metal lathing provides an excellent key for finishing materials on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber frame buildings, which is suitable for internal or external applications. Expanded metal lathing is easily formed, allowing designers to create free forms such as arches, domes and vaults in a trouble-free effective manner. Expanded metal lathing can also be used as a carrier for fire protection finishes to structural steelwork. Expanded metal lathing is manufactured from pre-galvanized. Expanded metal lathing is mainly produced as a key for plaster when applied on suspended ceilings and walls. It is also suitable for encasing steel columns and beams, assisting in the protection from fire.

Specifications of expanded metal lath:

  • All galvanized materials are manufactured from steel to DX51.BSEN 10142.
  • Stainless steel materials are manufactured from steel to EN 10088-2 grade 1.4301.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS1369 Part 1.
Size of Expanded Metal Lath
Code Material Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
GEML26G Galvanized Steel 2438 × 685 0.4
SSEML Stainless Steel 2500 × 700 0.4
GEML0.5 Galvanized Steel 2438 × 685 0.5

Features of expanded metal lath:

  • Endurable. It has corrosion and weather resistance.
  • Light-weighted and sturdy.
  • Artistic and fitting for decoration. With diamond or tortoise-shaped mesh.
  • Ventilation and easy to construction and economical.


Expanded metal lathing is widely applied to guard wall of machinery, partition, cable shelves, window of cars, baskets, enclosures, banisters, protection walls, electric appliance, furniture, cement straighten materials, and other aspects.

Expanded metal lath is applied to is taken into plastering walls.
EML-02: Expanded metal lath can be used for all flat or curved surfaces of concrete or brick reinforcing the plastering materials to prevent cracks.
Expanded metal lath is fixed on the facade by nails and then plastering.
EML-03: Expanded metal lath is usually used in plaster work for fixation and reinforcement.

Installation of Metal Lathing and Mesh

  • Fixing of Expanded Metal Lathing Sheets
    Fix with the long way of mesh running from support to support, with all strands sloping downwards and inwards from the face of the coating. Always ensure when fixing that allowance is made for overlapping sheets by 50 mm length ways and 25 mm width ways.
  • Timber Support
    To connect to timber use 40 mm plasterer’s nails or staples at 100 mm centers. Start at the center of the sheet and work out towards the edges. Always fix at an angle to allow lath to be pulled tight. Ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used. do not use galvanized fixings with stainless products.
  • Metal Support
    To fix to steel channels, tie with 1.2 mm tying wire at 100 mm centers. Tie by creating a "hairpin" shape with the wire, then pull tight and twist. Take care that cut wire ends are not close to plaster surface.
  • To Solid Background
    Expanded Metal Lath can be fixed to a solid background using a suitable fixing with an integral spacer/washer and large diameter headed screw/nail that will keep the sheets firmly in place.

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