Products List of Expanded Metal Sheet

Aluminum expanded metal facade with attractive appearance and light weight is broadly used in concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls.

Decorative expanded metal mesh with lighter weight and attractive looking is used in facades of large buildings, railings, fencing, interior walls, furniture, etc.

Architectural expanded metal with free passage of air, light, heat, sound is broadly used in building facade, windows, skylight guards, patio furniture, ceiling panels, partitions.

Expanded Copper Mesh with elegant looking and corrosion and wear resistance is broadly used for guarding of machines, dividers, boilers, crafts of art filters, etc.

Micron aluminum expanded metal with excellent strength to weight ratio is used as filters or screens, speakers guards, electrochemical conductor in new battery.

Expanded metal fencing with excellent through vision is strong and durable is broadly used in retail stores, metropolitan housings, or as temporary fencing.

Expanded metal security fence is broadly for keeping out trespassers used in roads, airports, prisons, highway, factories, villas, residential perimeters, etc.

Expanded metal infill panel with protection and decoration is applied to balconies, gardens, residential perimeters, high ways, various structures.

Expanded metal gate which is sturdy, anti-corrosion, attractive looking and environmentally friendly is applied to outdoor gates such as, schools, perimeters.

Expanded metal grating can be installed quickly by welding or bolting is broadly used for platform, walkway, stair tread, floor, and fence.

Expanded metal ceiling with effects of decoration, sound insulation and absorption is broadly used in shopping mall, halls, galleries, residential buildings.

DVA one way mesh with privacy protection, security, rain resistance is used as window & door screens, curtains, screens, walls in high places, office, homes.

Flattened expanded metal with U-edging for finished edges and can being bent or formed in any direction is widely used as reinforcement, fencing, window guards.

Hexagonal expanded metal as heavy expanded metal are used in guarding of machines, making of security windows, facade, roof, wall decoration, arts and crafts.

Light-weighted and sturdy expanded metal lath is widely used in baskets, enclosures, electric appliance, cement straighten materials and other aspects.

Corner bead with corner protection is widely used in various outdoor and indoor corners of structure, such as neat line and resist impact of home, hotel, theater.

Expanded corner bead for the corner protection and reinforce is broadly used in the construction to ensure a neat finish for beautiful appearance.

Angle bead with providing a true, straight corner is widely applied to bank strong rooms, partition slabs, concrete block work, asphalt guttering and so on.

Regular expanded metal with strong structure and non-slip surface is widely used in irrigation works, residence, farm, machines, electrical appliances, windows.

Heavy type expanded metal with higher strength is used in oil mines, outer wall decoration, ramps, catwalks, heavy machinery, conveyors , cranes, oil tanker.

Carbon steel expanded metal is extremely versatile and used in step mesh, walking road for heavy equipment, fencing for highway, road, and building house.

Expanded metal steel sheet with versatility is broadly used in construction industry, perimeter barrier fencing, heavy machinery guarding, architectural decoration.

Stainless steel expanded metal with slip resistance for architectural and decorative purpose is suitable for outdoor use, such as fencing, furniture, walkways.

Galvanized expanded metal sheet with higher corrosion resistance is broadly used in large venues, decorative, medicine, paper making, filtration, aerospace.

Mentex and flatex expanded metal which is environmentally friendly is wide used for decoration of facades; fencing, panels, screens, shelving and racks of goods.

Un-galvanized steel expanded metal which is economical but with high strength is commonly used in grating, ceiling, walkway, shipping, fencing, guard, screen.