Angle Bead with Corner Protection Fitting for Most Irregular Surface

Angle bead application is same as the expanded metal lath in the construction, which is used as corner protecting and constant of the plaster surface. Angle bead is used to provide a true, straight corner which protects and reinforces a 2 or 3 coat plaster or render application in its most vulnerable area. One size adjusts for thickness, although larger wings are available for unusually thick plaster or render. Expanded angle beads designed to give true corners and edges to plaster and render internally and externally for all conditions; finishing with good resistance to cracking, chipping and impact damage on corners and edges. Standard and security grade mesh products used as a key for plaster internally and render externally and can be fixed to brick, block work, timber, steel and concrete using various proprietary fixings to provide a smooth even finish where required.

Specifications of angle bead:

  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized.
  • Edge: 45 mm or advised.
  • Length: 2.7 m– 3 m or advised.
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm - 0.6 mm.
  • Weight: 0.123 kg/m.
Table-1: Specifications of Angle Bead
Code Material Length (m) Size (mm)
GAB24 Galvanized Steel 2.4 43 × 43
GAB27 Galvanized Steel 2.7 43 × 43
GAB30 Galvanized Steel 3.0 43 × 43
GPAB24 Galvanized Steel 2.4 48 × 48
GPAB30 Galvanized Stee 3.0 48 × 48
GJAB24 Galvanized Steel 2.4 63 × 63
GJAB30 Galvanized Steel 3.0 63 × 63
SSAB30 Stainless Steel 3.0 50 × 50
SSJAB30 Stainless Steel 3.0 63 × 63

Features of angle bead:

  • Strong and economical.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Multiple general use purpose.
  • Flexible and fit for most irregular surface.
  • Nose of expanded corner bead can supply straight and rigid ground.


Angle bead with corner protection fitting for most irregular surface to supply even ground and straight corners is widely used in concrete slab, roads, paving, foundations, marine work, bank strong rooms, partition slabs, concrete block work, asphalt guttering and so on.

An expanded steel angle bead with galvanized surface on the gray background.
AB-01: Galvanized steel angle bead with expanded wings used to reinforce external angles.
An expanded stainless steel angle bead with diamond holes.
AB-02: Stainless steel angle bead gives a clean and straight edge when using external renders.
Galvanized perforated metal angle beads are applied to wall angle corner beads for building construction
AB-03: Perforated metal angle beads provide great strength to support and protect the wall corner in construction.
Perforated metal angle beads with PVC surface and hexagonal holes are being applied to external wall.
AB-04: Provide straight corners which are resistant to chipping and cracking giving strength and protection against everyday knocks.

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