Corner Bead for Protecting Corners and Providing Accurate Lines

Corner bead creates a rust proof, dent resistant finished corner. Expanded metal beads are available in multiple lengths to help reduce waste and minimize splicing. The intricate pattern of holes allows mud to penetrate through the bead to the drywall. The bead becomes part of the wall. Corner bead is general material for making corner cleaner and more beautiful. In addition to aesthetics, it can reinforce the wall at the same time, to avoid corner dents and other damage. With the shape of 90°, the corner beads can free slide between the floor and ceiling. Once aligning, it can be attached to the corner. Besides it provides a finish and protects external raked render angles. Expanded metal wings allowing for keying plaster up to the nose of the bead provide plumb reinforcement at corners.

Three expanded metal corner beads with two wide flanges and a round nose.
CB-01: The expanded corner bead with round nose bead for neat edge shape and expanded wings for effective reinforcement.
A raised expanded metal corner bead with the diamond shape and galvanized surface
CB-02: Raised expanded metal which is rigidity and strength is widely used in architectural.

Specification of corner bead:

  • Material: steel, stainless steel, low carbon, aluminum.
  • Hole shapes: diamond square, triangle hexagonal hole.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coated, powder coated, anodized, galvanized.
  • Colors: silver, white or as requests.
  • Thickness: 0.30–0.60 mm.
  • Length: 2 m – 3 m.
  • Weight: 0.10-0.30 kg.
  • Package: plastic films in bundles, carton box and pallet finished. This packaging way can protect goods from sea.

Features of corner bead:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Simply fasten to the drywall and you're ready to mud.
  • It gives corners a smooth rounded edge.
  • Fix beautifully to archways.
  • Adjust easily to a variety of angles.


Corner Bead with corner protection and providing accurate lines is widely used in various outdoor and indoor corners of structure such as neat line and resist impact of home, hotel, theater, hospital, factory, office, and school.

An angle corner bead has two flanges with extra reinforcing strip.
CB-03: Double-X corner bead has reinforced steel strip for strengthening and ensuring a neat finish for beautiful appearance.
Expanded corner bead consists of wide diamond mesh wings and round nose bead
CB-04: Expanded corner bead with two flanges for mud reinforce, and the smooth round nose for clean and strong corner.
Expanded corner beads are used in the corner of outdoor structure.
CB-05: Expanded corner beads for protecting plastering.
An angle corner bead has two flanges with extra reinforcing strip are applied to the edge of wall indoors.
CB-06: Expanded corner beads for providing accurate lines and ensuring a neat finish.

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