Expanded Metal Flooring – Strong, Lightweight, Anti-Slip

Descriptions, applications and main advantages of expanded metal flooring.

  • Expanded flooring is made of metal sheets by slitting and stretching simultaneously. It is this technology that makes it possible to obtain a very strong but lightweight material.
  • The openings (cutting shape) can be round, diamond, oval, as well as flattened, or raised - as anti-skid elements.
  • The maximum length of the sheet is 6 m. Due to the anti-slip surface and high strength, it can maintain its qualities under special and adverse operational conditions.

The applications of expanded flooring has been found in almost all areas of life:

  • Architecture Industry
    Along with high strength, the material has high aesthetic appeals, which allows it to be used in architecture, such as decorating facades, balcony fences, staircase railings, steps, various types of partitions.
  • Design
    Shelves, display rack, stands, outdoor furniture, billboards and construction.
  • Agriculture
    Grids, screens, filters and sieves for drying, separation, sorting and crushing, peeling of grain, cereals and seeds.
  • Baking of Food industry
    Trays for baking breads and pizzas, consumables of equipment for the production of sugar, dairy products, malt, components for mill machinery, braziers.
Expanded metal mesh with diamond holes and raised surface is used as flooring.
EMFA-01: Expanded metal flooring for ventilation heat dissipation.
Raised expanded metal meshes with diamond holes as flooring are installed walkways.
EMFA-02: Raised expanded metal flooring has good slip resistance.

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