Expanded Metal Steel Sheet for Protection, Support, Decoration, Reinforcement

Expanded metal steel sheet is manufactured by slitting and stretching into a wide array of shaped openings. Steel expanded metal offers savings in weight and metal, free passage of light, liquid, sound and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect, which has a variety of uses in many fields. For example, it is used in perimeter barrier fencing, security screens, courtyard fencing, gates, platforms, flooring, privacy screens, wind and hail breaks and to secure enclosures. Our factory manufacture expanded steel sheet for every application including various patterns, sheet thickness and mesh size.

Specifications of expanded metal steel sheet:

  • Materials: black steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel.
  • Hole shapes: diamond, scale, hexagonal, tortoise shell, etc.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coated, epoxy resin, anodizing, painted.
  • Long way of hole: 4.5 mm – 100 mm.
  • Short way of hole:2.5 mm – 50 mm.
  • LWD: 4.5 mm– 200 mm.
  • SWD: 2.5 mm – 80 mm.
  • Colors: silver, golden, red or as your requirements.
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm – 8 mm.
  • Package: wrapped by waterproof paper in wooden pallet or iron pallet.
Raised expanded metal steel sheet details with black surface and diamond holes.
EMSS-01: Raised expanded metal steel sheet with non-slip surface can be used in walkways.
Expanded metal steel sheet details with black surface and hexagonal holes.
EMSS-02: Flattened expanded metal steel sheet can be used as outdoor furniture.

Features of expanded metal steel sheet:

  • Durable. Finishes add to its corrosion resistance.
  • Strong. With lighter weight but higher strength, it can form a very strong barrier for security.
  • Suitable for decoration. Due to the variety of pattern types enhancing its aesthetic appearance.
  • Free passage of light, heat and air.


  • For the construction industry, roads, bridges, civil building, concrete reinforcement.
  • For protection, craftwork, high-end loudspeaker enclosures, highway guardrail, sports venues fence road green belt protection net, machine guards, animal cages, safety door & window, fan covers.
  • As heavy expanded metal mesh, can be used for tank car foot net, heavy machinery and boilers, oil, mine, locomotives, shipping, and tons of work platforms, stairs and walkways.
  • For decoration, extensively applied to architectural decoration, such as elevator decoration, luxurious doors, outdoor projects, wall decoration, advertisement nameplates, sanitary ware, room divides, ceiling, corridor, hotel hall, shop facade, etc.
A piece of galvanized expanded metal steel sheet with diamond holes and sharp side.
EMSS-03: Expanded metal steel sheet with sharp side can be used as fences for prevent climbing.
Expanded metal steel sheet details with raised surface and diamond holes.
EMSS-04: Expanded metal steel sheet with aluminum surface with excellent high temperature oxidation resistance for decoration.

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