How to Order Expanded Metal?

When you order an expanded metal, you should think about:

When you have a need of expanded metal for application, please give the detailed inquiry info. And here is the order list for reference.

  • Mesh types.
  • Quantity of sheets.
  • Sheet size.
    • Thickness: 0.2-8.0 mm.
    • Dimensions (thickness × width × length) in millimeter.
    • Mesh length × mesh width × strand width in millimeter.
  • Type of materials.
    • Low carbon steel sheet.
    • Galvanized steel sheet.
    • Aluminum Sheet.
    • Copper sheet.
    • nickel sheet and more.
  • Finish treatment.
    • Untreated.
    • Galvanized.
    • Powder coated.
  • Tolerances

Order expanded metal tips:

When choosing expanded metal for your fence application, you will need to determine which style or diamond size is best for your application. Expanded metal designations are indicated by SWD (the measurement on the short way of diamond), while the second number may specify the gauge of metal, the weight per hundred sq. foot, or have some other significance.

Another consideration when ordering expanded metal mesh panels is the actual metal strand width and metal strand thickness. These are important because they contribute the actual opening size of the diamond and the open area or visibility through the fence.

Finally, a note about flattened expanded metal.
Standard expanded metal mesh is expanded metal as it comes off the press. Standard expanded metal (usually abbreviated S, STD or R) gives the metal additional strength and rigidity and is recommended for fence applications.

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