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The expanded metal is taking place many changes, from thick to fine grid fuzzy to clear. A large number of metals: aluminum, steel and stainless steel.Their size and thickness are different. Their use does not have any restrictions: as panels for stairs and railings, fences, dividing partitions in booths or shops, as well as protection elements or facades.

Here are technical specifications – catalog:
There are 62 different positions: diamonds, hexagons, types round and square with a length of the mesh from 3 to 200mm and thickness of the material 1 to 4mm.

Product of the production process
Steps 01
- Jersey / Material.
Trying to the shirt and the material you want and read the corresponding item number.

Step 02 - Size.
Choose the width (300 to 1500mm) and length (300 and 3000mm) desired. Some products aren’t available in the larger size of 1500 × 3000mm for technical reasons.

Step 03 - Type of Cutting.
You can combine the following types of cut for your needs. Although technically possible, you have three variants.

Step 04 - Width of Nerve.
You can determine the width of the nerve.

You can connect the individual profiles built with the connectors you can connect the individual profiles built.

The embedded sections can be rectangular, circular or trapezoidal and put it in a simple, fast, steel plate, perforated plate and on line. This is done to prevent damage and stable panel.

As long as you make sure the adapter accord with this products. You can easily install those. It is change the distance of the outline of the flush mounted elements with the adapter.

Closed the open the end caps with profile endpoint, which is an ideal solution.

Without adapter in terminal fixing plate from any profile embedded, you are able to quickly and complete repair of the perforated plate.

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