Expanded Metal Benefits

In the processing of expanded metal, it has no waste materials compared to perforated metal. When perforating metal all of the holes are wasted and must be paid. While with the expanded metal there is no wastage.

Expanded Metal Features:

  • Large range of hole sizes available.
  • Next day delivery service available.
  • Aesthetically pleasing for interior design and exterior cladding.
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • Wide range of open areas available.
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Higher strength and weight ratio than sheet metal.
  • The three-dimensional shape of the meshes is another advantage since the areas where the meshes meet are strong and enable the material to stand a far heavier point load than similar products or a flat sheet.
  • Super corrosion resistance.
  • Good through vision.
  • Due to the expansion a much bigger open area is possible compared to other similar products.

Expanded Metal Benefits:

  • Cost effective alternative to perforated metals.
  • No waste in the production process - important when high value material is used.
  • Specialized meshes produced to individual requirements.
  • Flexibility for shaping and cutting.
  • Maximum strength, value and choice.
  • Anti-slip surface.
    Some patterns have a type of mesh with special qualities that not only make the surface non-skid, but also give the expanded metal water and wind repellent qualities.
  • High efficient conductor.

Expanded metal mesh can be combined with other materials to give products added strength. For example, glass, plastic and other composites can be either incorporated into, or attached to, meshes for increased strength and security purposes or aesthetics.

When suitably coated, expanded metal sheeting performs better than woven and welded wire mesh due to jointless continuity of mesh. The mesh is ideal for use with industrial acids as in electroplating baskets and in seawater for fish cages and lobster pots.

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