Expanded Metal in All Patterns and Materials for Your Choice

In industrial production, there is a lot of waste. However, expanded metal solves the problem well. Because expanded metal is manufactured by slitting and stretching the metal sheet with a die creating different shaped holes in one step, which makes it more economical. Due to formed from a piece of metal, there are no welds or weak points, which make its structure more sounder than other type metals.

Raised expanded metal, also called standard expanded metal or regular expanded metal is a finished product as it comes from the press after having been die cut and expanded. Each sheet that comes off the expander is in standard or regular form with the junctions at the strands and bonds forming a ridge surface. The angles of the diamond strands allow maximum air circulation and distribute load on the metal to supporting frames. It with light weight and strength is an ideal for commercial and industry applications, such as storefront protectors, stairway, warehouse enclosures, lockers, etc.

Flattened expanded metal, undergoes an additional cold rolling process, creating a smoother surface and a finished product that is about 5% lighter than raised expanded metal. It with versatility is key to a virtually limitless variety of applications, such as, air and fluid filters, ventilation systems, partitions, speaker grills, machine and windows.

Give You a Better Understanding of Expanded Metal
What expanded metal will be used for?
  • For protection, it with high strength used as fences, railings, guards and grills, covers.
  • For partition, used at homes, in offices and outdoors and in doors of various structures to make good use of space.
  • For decoration, used as stair and walkway railings at homes, facades, etc.
  • For screening and filtering, with accurate sizes used as screens in oil industry, sand & gravel plants and as filters in gas vent of vehicle or drilling for oil.
  • For ventilation and heat dissipation, with larger openings used as flooring in places high requirement on ventilation and heat dissipation, such as equipment rooms.
Why select expanded metal to replace other type metals?
  • Sound structure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-slip surface
  • Fully customized
  • Economical
  • Aesthetic appeal
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does it really not rust in the ultra-wet climate?
    Expanded metal is a finish product with varieties of anti-corrosion surface treatment, so it has a good corrosion resistance. You can tell us what environment you use it in, and we can better help you.
  2. What sizes and colors of expanded metal are available?
    Both sizes and colors can be customized as your requirements, so you can tell us where you will in details, we will recommend the most suitable specs for you.
  3. Is it strong enough as stairs?
    Expanded metal is manufactured by slitting and stretching the metal sheet with different shaped holes in one step, which makes its structure sound and have higher strength than other type metal. You can rest assured to use it.
Our Product

Expanded Copper Mesh with elegant looking and corrosion and wear resistance is broadly used for guarding of machines, dividers, boilers, crafts of art filters, etc.

Decorative expanded metal mesh with lighter weight and attractive looking is used in facades of large buildings, railings, fencing, interior walls, furniture, etc.

Aluminum expanded metal facade with attractive appearance and light weight is broadly used in concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls.

Our Technology
2017 Sep 30

Expanded security fence systems include new fence, retrofit chain link fence, retrofit ornamental picket fence, anti-climb panel, below-grade tunneling panel.

2017 Sep 28

Expanded metal dimensions include strand size, overall thickness, SWD /L WD diamond per ft., percent open area, tolerance, nominal weight per CSF.

2017 Sep 28

Expanded metal ordering information shall include Length, width, thickness, weight per square ft. and designation.

Our Case Study
Cooper Expanded Metal

Expanded metal materials have many types, such as galvanized, aluminum, copper, low carbon steel, nickel and silver expanded metal types. The expanded metal materials can be available.

Round Expanded Metal

Expanded metal hole patterns have diamond type, hexagonal type, square type, round type and so on. Various expanded metals as fencing, gratings, sheeting are widely in applications.

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