Expanded metal in all patterns and materials for your choice

Fresh is the worldwide leader in providing a full line of expanded metal products. It comes in a selection of opening shapes, sizes, gauges and material types. At Fresh, you can choose your ideal expanded metal sheet.

Our products offers a diverse selection of standard, heavy and flattened expanded metal. They are produces from plates or sheets of carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel, brass, nickel, Al-Mg alloy, aluminum and other materials. Stainless steel expanded mesh is able to withstand the corrosive atmospheres and harsh elements, and it can be used for screening, filtration, ventilation, security, architectural and decorative purposes.

We supply small, medium and heavy type expanded metal mesh with opening shape including diamond, hexagonal, round, square or special shape. According different usage, it also can be divided into expanded metal gate, grating and ceilings, corner beads, angle bead and metal lath.

Expanded metal production processing includes some steps: decoiling and cutting metal sheet, expanding processing, flattening the expanded metal sheet and cutting it as need, and rolling. The process can be changed according to the requirement.

Used for its variety of patterns, sheet thickness and mesh size, expanded metal panels have endless applications such as uses in barrier fencing, security screens, courtyard fencing, gates, platforms, flooring, privacy screens, plants, ship making, mineral sifting, grating, groove cover, conveying, side passages for conveyors and cranes, fences and decoration of buildings, or used in architecture us ribbon mesh. Expanded metal fencing is popular fencing in application of schools, sports fields, airports and other places. The heavy type  is ideal for uses in plants, ship making, mineral sifting and buildings.

To obtain the specifications of each type of expanded metal, please click on the products list, and the top navigation pane will help you refine your requirements. From this site, you can find not only expanded metal terms and technology information, but also photos and order instruction. Any more, please email us to sales@expandedmetalsupplier.com.

    New sizes

  • Expanded Metal Flat 4' × 8' × 3/4" #9
    Material: Low Carbon Steel Plate
    Size: 4' × 8'
    LWM: 1.688"
    SWM: 0.563"
    W: 0.165"
    T: 0.120"
  • Expanded Metal Flat 4' × 8' × 3/4" #13
    Material: Low Carbon Steel Plate
    Size: 4' × 8'
    LWM: 1.781"
    SWM: 0.688"
    W: 0.106"
    T: 0.070"
Corner Beads
Corner beads is mainly used for fixed corner. And it is easy to use. It can give the corner a smooth rounded edge. Adjust easily to a variety of angles.
Angel Bead
Angle Bead, one type expanded angle bead, angle bead information, expanded angel bead specification, install angle beads and angle beads application.
Expanded Metal Lath
Expanded Metal Lath or expanded metal lathing, expanded rib lath is one type expanded metal products used in buildings and construction. The galvanized and aluminum expanded metal lath sizes are available.
Expanded Corner Bead
Corner bead, expanded corner bead, angle bead, expanded metal mesh, bell cast bead, wall plaster mesh, rib lath.
Expanded Metal Gate
Expanded metal gate is accessory of expanded metal mesh. It has easy to install and other features. Mainly increase the fences practicality and aesthetics.
Regular Expanded Metal
Regular Expanded Metal or standard expanded metal, its hole patterns, specifications are in standard with the international standard. Standard expanded metal sheet: aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized.